Melbourne Coffee Van, Coffee Truck, Pop Up Retail, Desserts and Mobile Bar - offering quality, consistency and our love for coffee is the key to building repeat relationships for events.



Most common question should be answered below, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, please get in touch with us.

What do you do?

1) We provide quality coffee from Duke Coffee Roasters served by professional baristas.

2) We provide a large range of quality sweets/desserts from a large portfolio of professional bakers/chefs.

3) We supply and serve alcohol with qualified RSA bar staff.

Are you Licenced?

Yes we are licensed to serve beer, wine, spirits, ciders, sparkling and more...

What do you attend?

We can attend almost anything. People love coffee and sweets are a bonus.

Here is a small breakdown: Events from 50 - over 10,000 people, festivals, weddings, private functions, corporate functions or events, product launches, movie locations, markets, fetes, fairs, parties and much more. Call us.

What size is your van/truck?

We measure 7m length (7.6 with rear generator and door open), 2m width (3.5 with canopy and generator open), 2.9m height.

Where do you travel?

We are Melbourne based. We can travel to anywhere within Victoria (subject to council approval) and we also service within the postcode of 2000 in Sydney.

What equipment do you require?

If available, 2 x 20amp mains power outlets or 2 x 15amp would be great. We have 2 x 40m cables.

Don't stress if no power is available as we do have 2 x generators for remote areas or functions in parks, venues, etc.

We do have a very large tank of fresh water, but if bookings are longer than 8 hours, access to a tap would be good.

Are you self sufficient?

Yes we are.

With 2 x generators, large water tank, backup water, fuel and more, we can go anywhere at anytime for long periods. Parks, rural and more.

We also have 2 x coffee machines and 2 x grinders and a capacity to carry over 150 litres of milk.

The advantage of this setup is it also allows for machine breakdowns. Chances of 2 machines breaking down are slim so we can continue should a breakdown occur.

Do you charge to hire?

All events/functions are different so each quote is based on requirements and locations.

Please call us to discuss or quote.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do. We have an Australia Wide $20 million Public Liability cover.

Do we bargain or match prices?

Short answer is no.

Although the market is very competitive, you cannot compare our coffee/bar/sweets van to your general coffee vans/trailers. We provide quality coffee and pre mixed drinks which is well known in the industry and we don't compromise our quality for price. We also have the equipment to provide coffee fast and access to quality sweets and drinks.

Our truck is like having two coffee vans at once.

Can we use you truck for product launches and marketing?

Yes you can. We love to promote and market your business and if you have the money to wrap the truck in your signage and then back to ours, then we are 110% supportive in making sure your brand is exposed on the streets, at events or if you want to use ambush marketing to launch your product, then wrap our truck up we say.

How do we book?

Call us or send us an email. Tel: 1300 81 81 44 Email:

Check out Where To Find us on the home page to make sure your dates don't clash with any events we have booked in.