Melbourne Coffee Van, Coffee Truck, Pop Up Retail, Desserts and Mobile Bar - offering quality, consistency and our love for coffee is the key to building repeat relationships for events.



It’s Time 4 Coffee are Professional Mobile Coffee, Bar and Dessert Caterers specialising in Corporate Events, Festivals including Music, Private Functions, Weddings, Trade Shows, Promotions, Movie locations, TV and Fashion Studios, Product Launches, Conventions, Exhibitions and more in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Victoria. 

Quality, consistency, and our love for coffee is the key to building repeat relationships for events, functions, or your next wedding.

We want to draw people to our stand and coffee is by far one of the best ways to do that. People LOVE great coffee.

A professional coffee service from our stand will have them back for seconds or thirds, day after day. 

We proudly serve coffee from Dukes Coffee Roasters who share a love and passion for great coffee and an untiring desire to break new ground. Dukes are an Australian specialty coffee roasting company whose focus is the craft of carefully roasting the best coffees in the world using innovative and methodical roasting practices and it was important for us that we source our beans from a roaster that would be able to provide a consistently exceptional blend that would allow for an exceptional cup of coffee each and every time. 

The milk we use also makes a big difference to taste which is why we are complementing Dukes coffee with Riverina Milk full cream and light, alternative milk products from Happy Happy Soy Boy, MilkLab for Almond, MilkLab for Lactose Free and Chobani for Oat Milk while using biodegradable eco-friendly products for our takeaway cups.

Based in Melbourne and registered with the Whittlesea City Councilwe can travel anywhere within Victoria and also do anything from half day events to multiple days. We are also permitted to trade within the City of Sydney Local Government Area. We are a private independently family owned company.


Don’t you think It’s Time 4 Coffee at your next event? 

CALL US NOW……Let Us Make You A Coffee

What you'll love about working with IT'S TIME 4 COFFEE

• The first-rate coffee. As a Melbourne based family owned company, It's Time 4 Coffee has a lot of competition, and yet, it still manages to deliver smooth, delicious coffee that rivals any bricks and mortar inner-city cafe.

• The range of sweet treats. From muffins and cakes to slices and friands, It's Time 4 Coffee has an inviting selection of sweet treats available. This includes vegan and gluten-free options, too.

• The extensive range of alcohol. It's Time 4 Coffee may specialise in hot cups of coffee, but it certainly isn't lacking in the alcohol department! This versatile business has a range of the best brands in the industry, ensuring there's a tasty drink for all palettes.

• The selection of milks. Our exceptional company also offers dairy milk alternatives, ensuring everyone has an option that suits their needs. This includes soy, oat, almond, and lactose-free milks.

Highlights of working with IT'S TIME 4 COFFEE:
• Delicious coffee. drinks, and sweet treats
• Coffee beans from Dukes Coffee Roasters
• Large selection of vegan, gluten-free cakes
• Can cater for 50 to 10,000+ guests
• Purpose-built, mobile truck, van, pop up module and more....
• Range of milks, including dairy-free alternatives
• Professional team of baristas
• Biodegradable eco-friendly products
• Service all across Victoria    **Sydney available (if 3 or more days booked)

Our Primary Goal:
• To make great coffee. That is our primary focus and not trying to make or supply food as we are not a cafe.
• Our secondary focus is to compliment our coffee with a variety of sweets.